Concrete Crushing

CES understand the costs involved with new developments or redevelopments involving any size of building or structure.

We also know that concrete is a primary material used in construction, making it a very valuable resource for any project. This is why we offer our customers on-site mobile crushing plants that will churn hard pieces of concrete into reusable materials for redevelopment or reuse elsewhere.

This form of recycling will drastically cut the costs of redevelopment materials and eliminate the cost involved with transportation of the old concrete to disposal plants. This has a positive effect on the environment due to:

  • The reuse of the concrete materials instead of depositing them into landfill;
  • The reduced amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere through the transportation of the material.

Our team manages the controlled demolition of the concrete, which is then sent to be crushed. It is then safely stockpiled onsite, ready for reuse in a redevelopment.