Demolition and Dismantling

CES are comprehensive demolition contractors and because of this we incorporate dismantling; a developed demolition technique.

Many benefits can be achieved through this form of building demolition, which extracts sections of the structure piece by piece after a specific cutting process has been carried out to free each separate part of the building.

This technique will effectively minimise the effect on surrounding structures through reduced dust, noise and vibrations. There are three cutting methods we use for this process:

  • Sawing – Involves using heavy duty electric saws, some of which have diamond edged teeth for increased strength.
  • Water-jetting – This method uses pressurised water with small pieces of abrasive material to rapidly wear the material down with precision. Resulting dust is at a minimum and this method can saw straight lines as well as contours.
  • Thermal Lance – This cutting technique uses extremely high temperatures to burn through a material and is the ideal solution for reinforced concrete. It eliminates dust and vibrations as a by-product of the demolition.

Once the section has been cut away using one of the above techniques, it will be safely removed by the accompanying crane so that it can be disposed of correctly – either by reusing the materials or recycling them. City Environmental Services (UK) Ltd are expert demolition contractors and have an in-depth knowledge about the dismantling process, so if you feel this form of demolition would be appropriate for your project, contact us today.