Soft Strip Demolition

Soft strip demolition provides customers with a solution for extracting anything marketable or reusable from the inside of their building.

The internal removal of appliances, fittings, windows, doors, ceilings, floors and other furnishings or finishing materials will be carried out to leave you with the original skeleton of the structure.

Anything that is of value or which could be reused in any way will be separated from any waste destined for disposal or recycling. Our team only use appropriate tools and removal techniques to ensure no items are damaged and that the internal components of your building are left in the best condition possible.

Soft strip demolition also ensures that any hazards are carefully considered before any structural demolition takes place – especially those that are concealed, such as electrics or gas piping. Our team will work closely with project managers and consultants to maintain high levels of environmental care and ensure building objectives are accomplished.