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9 out of 10 NHS Buildings still contain Asbestos

Statistics state that 198 of 243 of NHS Hospitals in Britain still contain asbestos.

The BBC found that there has been 352 Claims made against the NHS Trust for asbestos related diseases that have occurred from working in NHS Hospitals. These numbers have been taken from January 2013 to December 2017.

There has been endless amounts of hospital staff such as nurses, Doctors, Porters, Cleaners, Admin and of course mainly the maintenance team that have been exposed to asbestos in some way or another. These workers where unaware of what asbestos was or what it looked like, and like many others they where exposed to asbestos of all kinds because of this. There has been many claims made against the NHS for this exposure as many older members of NHS staff have developed asbestos related illnesses and cancers, however due to the long period of time it takes for these symptoms to occur (Approximately 20 to 30 years)  there is and will be such a slim chance of them ever getting any compensation for this horrible illness they have been left to live with and fight against. All for working and caring for us all in our own NHS Buildings.

For people of an older generation it will be so much harder for them to prove that their exposure occurred only at a NHS building due to them having many other jobs before and after working at the NHS. This makes it so much harder and almost impossible to claim compensation due to the lack of proof that the exposure was from working at the NHS only.

The awareness of asbestos is much higher now and almost everyone that will carry out work for maintenance etc will have (or at least will be very soon) sat through an Asbestos awareness course. However there are still many members of staff that will be around this asbestos and be unaware of what it is they are working around. The awareness courses are great, however unless materials such as asbestos insulation boards etc are labelled then the general staff such as nurses and cleaners etc wont know that it is an asbestos insulation board they are working around.

In some hospitals (though not as many now as there once was) there is still unidentified and non managed asbestos. It has been said that they plan to have all hospitals surveyed for asbestos to make sure all asbestos is notified and managed, however many believe that this should only be the beginning. The asbestos may be noted and manged well for now, however it will get damaged or begin to deteriorate at some point within the future.