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Asbestos still present in UK Schools

We are in 2018 and most would think that asbestos at their children’s school would not be an issue to consider at all.

Unfortunately that is not the case with many schools throughout the UK.
Resent research carried out by the BBC found that just over half of the schools in the North West are known to still have Asbestos containing materials present.

Many people in the education industry and the asbestos industry agree that having asbestos in schools can only been explained as a ‘Ticking time bomb’.

Even if the material is currently well managed (which some still are not) there is no definite way to stop any damage from happening out of no where. In many schools there are pupils with anger management issues that are likely to act out on one of the school walls (This has been seen in many schools where we are selves have carried out the survey).
Any one of the walls that a pupil could act out on could be an asbestos cement or asbestos insulation board causing instant exposure to that pupil and others around.

It is not the pupil’s duty to know if any of the walls contain asbestos, in fact it is not up to the pupil to even know what asbestos is!

This only leaves one question, why have the government not put a scheme in place to help remove all asbestos present throughout the schools.