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Contractors slammed with a £90,000 fine, Finally!

Contractors based in Norwich have been fined £90,000 for carrying out unlicensed asbestos cleaning works.

Health and safety Executives found non-English speaking contractors on site sweeping and vacuuming dry licensed asbestos debris over an area the size of a football pitch.
They had no knowledge on asbestos awareness, let alone a license issued by the Health and Safety Executive for the safe removal of asbestos materials.

They found there was no asbestos Management survey report in place let alone a Refurbishment survey report present. The HSE finally won their case against the contractors in 2018 and the contractors were given a final fine of £90,000.

Not nearly enough to make up for the exposure the poor contractors have had over the duration of the works, however it is more awareness spread as the contractors were fined for not following the asbestos regulations under the HSWA.

Let’s hope this is enough to make construction companies think twice about not following The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and keeping all contractors on their construction sites safe in the future.